We recently came across an issue with a client we support that uses a PPTP VPN that we setup to connect remotely to their server.  The hardware being used to establish this connection is the Samsung 4g LTE Hotspot.  When the PPTP VPN connection attempts to establish a connection with the remote server, (PPTP VPN from Windows 7 to a Windows Server 2008) fails to complete the connection.  Prior to this, the client was able to tether succesfully using the Verizon Thunderbolt or other Verizon USB Wi-Fi devices.  This happens regardless of whether the network is LTE or 3G. We haven’t yet had a chance to packet trace to see what Verizon is filtering/corrupting in the traffic. Verizon technical support has confirmed that it is a firmware issue that needs to be resolved – an upadate is due to be released sometime in the next quarter.  Until then, if your organization uses a VPN to connect remotely, the Samsung 4g LTE Hotspot might not be the best choice.

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