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Active Directory

Extending on premise Active Directory to Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest buzz word in the technical world. Whenever I have conversations about this with my customers some of the questions and concerns they have as follows,

Active Directory

PowerShell AD User to find out last time a password changed

Get-ADUser -identity username -properties * PasswordLastSet andPasswordNeverExpires. get-aduser -filter * -properties passwordlastset, passwordneverexpires |ft Name, passwordlastset, Passwordneverexpires get-aduser -filter * -properties passwordlastset, passwordneverexpires | sort name | ft Name, passwordlastset, Passwordneverexpires For your results into Read more…

Active Directory

ADFS- How to Change the Local Authentication Type

AD FS 2.0, out of the box, supports four local authentication types: