Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Impact Notes
4110 11111 x-admin root
61xx All DocuSP Administrator administ
7232 11111 x-admin
77xx http admin 1111
ApeosIII 4300 HTTP 11111 x-admin Admin
ColorQube 9201 console, local IP address admin 1111
DocuCentre-II C6500 all versions http 11111 x-admin Admin
DocuColor 1632 console (none) 11111 Admin
DocuColor 1632 http admin admin Admin
Document Centre 405 HTTP admin admin Admin
Document Centre 425 HTTP admin (none) Admin
Document Centre 425 HTTP admin 22222 Admin works for access panel 2
Document Centre 432 http admin 22222 Admin
Document Centre c320 HTTP admin admin Default machine admin password: 11111
Docuprint 340a admin x-admin Web interface login
Fiery HTTP Administrator Fiery.1
Fiery 2 remove desktop Administrator fiery.1
M24 LAN admin admin
Multi Function Equipment Multi admin 2222 Admin combo fax/scanner/printer with network access
Work Center Pro C2128 http admin 1111
work centre 7328 console none
Workcenter 245 Pro HTTP admin 1111
WorkCenter 2640 http:// admin 1111
WorkCentre 265 v1 http admin 1111
workcentre 5222 http:// 11111 x-admin
workcentre 5225A admin 11111
WorkCentre 5230 all web 11111 x-admin
WorkCentre 5675 All Console HTTP admin 1111 Admin access to the console and web interfaces
WorkCentre 57xx http admin 1111
Workcentre 7120 All Http admin 1111 Admin
WorkCentre 7245 http 11111 x-admin Admin
WorkCentre 7328 http 11111 x-admin
WorkCentre 7335 11111 x-admin
WorkCentre 7345 11111 x-admin
WorkCentre 7346 HTTP admin 1111 Administrative Access
WorkCentre 7425 http or console admin 1111
WorkCentre 7530 All version Http admin 1111
WorkCentre 7665 admin 1111
WorkCentre and DocumentCentre savelogs crash
WorkCentre M118 shared ‘admintool’ folder admin x-admin admin \
WorkCentre M20i http admin 1111 Admin
WorkCentre PE 120i IP address admin 1111
WorkCentre Pro 35 HTTP admin 1111 Admin
WorkCentre Pro 35 all HTTP admin 1111 admin WorkCentre Pro 35
WorkCentre Pro 420 admin sysadm
WorkCentre Pro 428 HTTP admin admin Admin
WorkCentre Pro 45 HTTP admin 1111 Admin
workcentre 3220 web admin 1111 admin
WorkCentre 7232/7242 http 11111 x-admin Administrator
xerox Multi (none) admin Admin
xerox Multi admin admin Admin
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