The easiest way is to use this free converter program.  Again, I tried for several hours several different products-

The only other recommended solution is plate spin which has a fee per conversion, so make sure to take the time to do a trial/test run first.  Plate spin is probably better if there is a complicated conversion so you can call a support person there.

I converted several Server 2008 and Sever 2003/2003 R2 machines with the Star program no problem.

A few interesting notes is that once you have added your new machine connected to the converted ‘disk’, make sure to remove VMWare tools and add HyperV tools.
I was unable to login since HyperV tools only let my keyboard work to start.  Use the Full Screen mode of the HyperV admin console connection to login at first and get the HyperV tools installed.  From that point on the keyboard and mouse will allow you to manipulate your VM/Guest as you wish.


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