Using your iPad or iPhone to Connect to file shares at Elevance

SonicWall Mobile Connect (free):

File Browser Lite (free version):

File Broswer full ($5.99):

  1. Install SonicWall Mobile Connect and FileBrowser Apps from the App Store
  1. Launch the SonicWall Mobile Connect App
  2. Fill in the name and Server
  1. Click on Show Advanced
  2. Fill in the additional information for:
    1. Server:
    2. Username: First.Last
    3. Password: <same as your laptop>
    4. Domain: (case-sensitive)
  1. Slide the VPN to green – ON.


  1. Press your home button, and you should have a VPN icon in the upper right hand corner
  1. Launch the FileBrowser Lite App
  2. Next to Locations, click on the + to add a location and fill out the following information
  3. Our main file server is now able to be browsed on your i-device!
  4. Note: You may want Microsoft Office App or similar to manipulate or even view documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint files, etc.

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