Comcast blocking Torrents?! – here’s a solution

I noticed I could no longer download anything from my favorite torrent client FrostWire.  Upon further research, it appears Comcast is implementing technology to block this traffic.  Sparing you the technical details, you can use a  VPN service for working around this.

A VPN service connects you to a service so all your traffic is passed thru a new IP.  That means while you are on the internet thru that new IP only, all traffic you generate on Comcast’s network only seems to go to/from that VPN IP.

VPN is normally associated with a company network so you can get to your work files.  Similar in concept, but this is good for anonymous web surfing or while using anything on Tor network (not the same as torrents!) and now needed for Torrents apparently.

I use TorrentPrivacy, and my torrents are now downloading again.  Here’s a good write up to find your own VPN Service.


Kurt Conway

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  1. YES!!! And since comcast has a monopoly (at least the US East coast) I had to change my IP to another country. WORKED like a charm. Thanks!!

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