Script to manage Print Servers, Queues and Print Jobs

Changing Print Job Start Time Uses ADSI to change the start time for all print jobs larger than 400K to 2 AM. Set objPrinter = GetObject("WinNT://atl-dc-02/ArtDepartmentPrinter,printqueue") For each objPrintQueue in objPrinter.PrintJobs If objPrintQueue.Size > 400000 Then objPrintQueue.Put "StartTime" , TimeValue("2:00:00 AM") objPrintQueue.SetInfo End If Next (more…)

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OpenFiler Graphical Installation Guide

Graphical Installation This How-to applies to: 2.2, 2.3 Installation of Openfiler using the standard graphical-based installation method. Introduction This document describes the process of installing Openfiler using the default graphical installation interface. If you experience any problems with the graphical install track, such as a garbled screen due to the installer not being able to auto-detect your graphics hardware, please try a text-based install. The text-based install track is described here. (more…)

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Install Windows 7 with a USB Memory Key

There doesn't appear to be a supported way to integrate Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), though of course various third party tools will no doubt step in to fill that gap. While I ensure this is the case with Microsoft, I thought I'd touch on a related topic I've been thinking about lately: New Windows 7 installs. I'll be migrating my home server to Windows Home Server 2011 when the final version of that product becomes available, and will be documenting that process when it happens. But I've also been looking at my various desktop and portable PCs and have begun the process of wiping them out and reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows 7 with SP1. (more…)

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