BackupExec – move installation from system to another on a different server with a different server name


How to migrate / move Backup Exec from one version to another on a different server with a different server name.


  1.  In Backup Exec on the older system installation do the following:
    1. Update or determine the latest build Backup Exec is currently running.
    2. Go to HELP | ABOUT | Run LiveUpdate to install the latest Service Pack and/or Hotfixes.
    3. Go to HELP | ABOUT | Installed Updates and note the services packs and Hotfixes installed.
    4. Launch servicesmgr.exe (default location: C:Program FilesSymantecBackup Exec) and click Stop All Services.
    5. Stop the 'SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)' Service from within the Windows Services console.
    6. Copy the Data and Catalog folders to a temporary location outside of the Program FilesSymantec folder on the New system.

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