How to upgrade a SQL Server 2012 RTM Evaluation Edition server to a Licensed edition

This article provides a step-by-step instruction on how to upgrade a SQL Server 2012 RTM Evaluation Edition server to a BI edition. Similar steps can be used to upgrade to any other licensed editions, Developer/Standard/Enterprise. Changing the edition from the Evaluation edition to another one does not require building and migrating to a new server with the intended edition. As the Evaluation edition is a 180-day trial edition of Enterprise edition, there can be some issues when changing the edition to a non-Enterprise edition due to incompatible features used. This article assumes that the features used in the sample SQL Server instance with the Evaluation edition are non-Enterprise only features. (more…)

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Install Windows 7 with a USB Memory Key

There doesn't appear to be a supported way to integrate Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), though of course various third party tools will no doubt step in to fill that gap. While I ensure this is the case with Microsoft, I thought I'd touch on a related topic I've been thinking about lately: New Windows 7 installs. I'll be migrating my home server to Windows Home Server 2011 when the final version of that product becomes available, and will be documenting that process when it happens. But I've also been looking at my various desktop and portable PCs and have begun the process of wiping them out and reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows 7 with SP1. (more…)

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