Active Directory Domain and Forest Functional Level

The details of Active Directory Functional level is documented in this TechNet article –  But I couldn’t find a good documentation and available options when building a new Active Directory Forest.  So I have decided to capture some of these screenshots from my lab. Continue Reading

Azure Password Reset – The Password you’ve selected does not meet your Active Directory password policy

This is a common error message when you try to reset a password from Azure management port or Self service portal.  The error message is very clear here – “The Password you’ve selected does not meet your local Active Directory password policy”.   So you have to start with your Active Directory password password policy.
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Azure VNet to VNet Connection

Extending your on-prem Private Cloud to Public Cloud is going to be highly anticipated on Year 2015. During such time I came across requirement of interconnecting two Azure subscriptions private networks. I assume by now most of you’ll are aware by leveraging Windows Azure platform you can extend your on-prem network to Azure by using Site to Site (S2S) VPN. If not you can get more information about that from here and if a picture makes it much more clear then it is as follows

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