How to migrate / move Backup Exec from one version to another on a different server with a different server name.



  1.  In Backup Exec on the older system installation do the following:
    1. Update or determine the latest build Backup Exec is currently running.
    2. Go to HELP | ABOUT | Run LiveUpdate to install the latest Service Pack and/or Hotfixes.
    3. Go to HELP | ABOUT | Installed Updates and note the services packs and Hotfixes installed.
    4. Launch servicesmgr.exe (default location: C:Program FilesSymantecBackup Exec) and click Stop All Services.
    5. Stop the ‘SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)‘ Service from within the Windows Services console.
    6. Copy the Data and Catalog folders to a temporary location outside of the Program FilesSymantec folder on the New system.

  1. Install the same version of Backup Exec on the new system.
    1. Update to the latest service pack and hot fix for this version of Backup Exec as determined from step 1a above.
    2. Launch servicesmgr.exe and click Stop All Services.
    3. Stop the ‘SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)‘ Service from within the Windows Services console.
    4. Copy the Data and Catalog folders to a temporary location outside of the Program FilesSymantec folder; not the same sub-folder as those copied from step 1d above.

3.Copy the Data and Catalog folder from the temporary location in step 1d above into the new system’s Backup Exec installation directory; choose yes to overwrite.

4.On the new media server start the ‘SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)‘ Service from the Windows services console. (DO NOT START ANY OTHER BACKUP EXEC SERVICE AT THIS TIME).

5.On the new Backup Server, open a command prompt as administrator and enter the following pressing the ENTER key after each line:


1>use bedb


1>SELECT partitionname FROM datapartition


*At this point, the old server-name should be listed

1>UPDATE DataPartition SET PartitionName=<‘new-server-name’> WHERE PartitionID =0


* # of rows affected should be listed To verify the change took place; run the original commands:

1>SELECT partitionname FROM datapartition


*At this point the new server-name should be listed

6.Type quit and press enter to exit OSQL.

  1. Backup the registry on the new media server.
    1. Go to START | RUN | and type Regedit32 and press Enter.
    2. Go to FILE | Export
    3. Under Export range choose ALL.
    4. Navigate to the local root of the C drive and enter a File name.
    5. Click SAVE to backup the registry hive.

8. Complete BEMig steps listed in the following document:

9. Launch servicesmgr.exe and click “Start All Services“.

10. Launch Backup Exec to confirm all all jobs, history and settings are present from the original media server.


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