This topic will provide details(on high level) of new features introduced in SQL Server 2014 Management Studio (SSMS) to Manage Azure Databases.

Enhanced Backup:SQL Server 2014 provides new Windows Azure integration to SQL Server’s backup capabilities. You can specify a Windows Azure URL as the target for your SQL Server 2014 database backups. This new Windows Azure backup feature is fully integrated into SSMS.
In Backup Interface, you will see additional Option called “URL” as shown in the exhibit below,This option will backup the data on azure(cloud),
Select “URL” as “Back up to” and provide the azure connection and file details to backup the data on azure.
Enhanced Restore: Same with the restores, you can choose URL as your Source…and provide the details accordingly as shown below.
Select “URL” and Click on “Add” Button
This backup and restore functionality are same or similar to when using DISK or TAPE, with a few differences.
Hope This Helps!

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